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What is “Motorrad Hotels”?

The service platform “Motorrad Hotels” is an extension of the “MoHo – Motorcycle Hotels” group, which has been successfully operating for more than 15 years now, and is a cooperation with the Belgian group “MobikeTravelplanet”.

The website www.moho.info gives you access not only to our exclusive motorcycle hotels and accommodation in Europe, but also has extensive information about biker destinations and regions, biker news, excursions, and trip organisers.

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Who is behind “Motorrad Hotels”?

Motorrad Hotels” is offered by MTS Austria GmbH | Saalfeldnerstraße 14 | 5751 Maishofen | Österreich, a leading marketing agency.

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How much biker accommodation does the website “Motorrad Hotels” have?

The “Motorrad Hotels” range contains more than 150 tested and exclusive places to stay.

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What services can motorcycling guests expect to from “Motorrad Hotels” accommodation?

The comprehensive services provided guarantee you unforgettable motorcycling holidays, including the top elite “MoHo Motorcycle Hotels” in the Alps and the exclusive MoHo Travel Partners; all of the accommodation offers certain defined services in the areas of information, facilities, motorcycle expertise, motorcycle tours, meals, and rest and relaxation. This comes as part and parcel of the motorcycle holiday range, and can be expected in all of our accommodation. The various different categories show clearly which services are available to motorcycling guests and their bikes. In the “MoHo Motorcycle Hotels” the hosts themselves are passionate bikers. You are sure to find motorcycling expertise and comprehensive service for motorcycling guests. The MoHo Travel Partners offer especially suitable services for short stays on a motorcycling trip.

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Where are the “Motorrad Hotels” hotels situated?

There is “Motorrad Hotels” accommodation to be found in 9 European countries at the moment: Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, France, and Slovenia.

Whether planning motorcycling holidays in the Alps, city trips, or motorcycling cruises along the coast, motorcycling guests will find accommodation in the most beautiful biker regions.

Experience endless curves, the most beautiful and impressive mountain passes and excursions. There is detailed information and touring material available in the accommodation.

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Can I book “Motorrad Hotels” accommodation online too?

At the moment, “Motorrad Hotels” accommodation cannot yet be booked online. Enquiries and bookings are made directly with the accommodation, some of which offer online booking on their hotel websites.

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Can I view “Motorrad Hotels” tours in advance on the website?

On the platform, you can already select from a range of 160 tours. The downloadable data (tour descriptions, roadbooks, elevation profiles as PDFs) is available in various formats and for different devices. Whether you are planning easy day tours or challenging tours over winding mountain passes, every type of biker will find a suitable route with us. Hosts are on hand to help with tour planning and are always willing to offer the best recommendations and insider tips for your perfect tour.

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Are the Moho/Mobike vouchers valid in all of the “Motorrad Hotels” accommodation?

Yes, the vouchers can be used in over 160 places in Europe.

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