Lower Austria

MoHo Motorrad Hotels Country: Lower Austria Austria

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Motorcycling holidays in Lower Austria

Lower Austria is the largest of Austria’s provinces. Alpine, pannonian, and with north and southern European influences, it throws up a huge range of landscapes. Motorcycling tours in Lower Austria take you past riparian forests and plains, to alpine pastures and fjord-like lakes, through narrow gorges and wide hilly scenery, through lovely river valleys and to secret moors.

Motorcycling tours in Lower Austria

A well constructed road network takes you from the Mostviertel and forest regions of the west to the wine region, the Vienna Woods, and the Viennese Alps in the East. Fabulous tour days on lonely roads are guaranteed, whether you find yourself in the flat Tullnerfeld area, or on the forerunners of the Limestone Alps, on the granite plateau, in Marchfeld, at the gates of Vienna, along the Danube, on the Semmering pass over the Alps, or over the border into the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Mystical mill and woodland region

This 245 km tour can be described as being very rich in sharp bends. 100% curving fun, peppered with scenic, cultural, and culinary highlights. The Tanner Moor Nature Conservation Area, the ruins of Prandegg, and the Hundertwassermuseum are a modest selection of the wonderful bike stops en route.