Upper Austria

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Motorcycling holidays in Upper Austria

Snaking panoramic routes in the Mühlviertel region, romantic rides through the Salzkammergut province, or the excellent roads along the Danube. These take you up and down into the outermost places in upper Austria. Small, old towns alternate with seemingly endless meadows, forests, and mountain ranges.

Motorcycling tours in Upper Austria 

Just as the scenery in Upper Austria is diverse, so are the motorcycling tours in this province. It doesn’t matter where you start from, it could be in the granite and gneiss highland north of the Danube, in the Alpine foreland south of the river, or in the Upper Austrian Alps. Wherever it be, Upper Austria is the ideal base for rides rich in bends and hills, over countless passes, into Styria, to Salzburg, into the Waldviertel district, or to the Czech Republic.

Mystical motorcycle tour into the Mühlviertel

This 245 km tour is well-known for its large amount of bends; 100% of winding fun, peppered with scenic, cultural, and culinary highlights. The nature conservation area of Tanner Moor, the ruins of Prandegg, and the Hundertwasser museum are a modest selection of possible stop off points along the route.