Bike & More

The right offer for every motorcyclist!

Every biker has individual needs and therefore requires different conditions from ”his“ ideal motorbike hotel. The orientations and additional offers of the MoHo-MoHo Hotels vary as much as the motor bikers‘ requirements.

We have categorised our hotels by various themes in order to display the different unique features and extras and to help you with your decision about the right holiday accommodation. Details are available on the respective websites.

However, there is no difference in the customary high standards of the biking competence and motorcycle facilities!

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    Bike pure

    The biker scene meets here. These MoHo - Motorbike Hotels are the centre for petrol talks and everything about motors and two wheels. They are also top addresses for club outings. The guests are mainly motorcyclists and the biking competence on-site is top.

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    Enduro & Trial

    Heavy studs, dirty boots. Landscape adventures without road map. Whether “hiking“ on dirt roads through the das Waldviertel (Forest Quarter) on your own (travel) enduro or “climbing“ the mountains on the hotel-own electro trial, you will get your thrill away from tarmac roads at these MoHo - Motorbike Hotels.

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    Bike & Sports

    The body gets revved up when the bike rests. The location and/or the facilities of these MoHo - Motorbike Hotels offer the best conditions for many physical and sports activities like hiking, walking or mountain biking. Plenty of action like rafting and canyoning is also provided. There are of course experts which will accompany you.

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    Bike & Family

    The combination of motorbike and family is real fun here. The children are well looked after when the parents are out touring. The offer at the MoHo - Motorbike Hotel is aimed at the entire family so that everyone can enjoy their individual holiday activities.

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    Wellness & Pleasure

    Besides the motorbike competence, the pampering program for body, mind and palate is absolutely essential. “She” enjoys a wellness treatment and relaxes during a bath and in the sauna when “he“ is out on tour with the MoHo-host. Both palates will be treated to specialities from the local cuisine in the evening.