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TRIDAYS turns into the "Club of Newchurch"

TRIDAYS turns into the "Club of Newchurch"

Salzburger Land Austria

Every year in June, some 15,000 motorcycle fans, primarily on their Triumphs, get together in Neukirchen for one of the most exciting biking events on the calendar. Seven days of pure motorcycling enjoyment amid one-of-a-kind scenery, along with a four-day family-style party atmosphere in “Newchurch”, with the town blocked off to cars. According to mastermind Uli Brée, even after separating from Triumph things will not only stay they same, they will get even better: “In the past eleven years, we have made so many friends, which is very special to us! That’s why we have now gone ahead and added more great people to our team, making it easier for us to listen to what people want, and what they don’t want. By re-christening the event “Club of Newchurch”, we didn’t just want to create a new name, we also wanted to breathe added life into the whole club idea.  On our very active Facebook page, we also give people the chance to decide for themselves how they want to celebrate, including the bands and exhibitors we should invite and so much more.”

When the Club of Newchurch opens its doors from 11 to 18 June, it will immediately show that it has a special place in its heart for rookies. Exciting new customizers, one-man or -woman shows, great clubs, accessory addicts: They will all receive free exhibition space if they have something special to show. 

“In this way, we want to provide a stage to some great people who might otherwise not be able to afford to lease space at other major events. And who knows, maybe our visitors will get to see the next JvB or Deus”, says Uli Brée, explaining this exciting new idea.

The organisers are certain that the core group will continue to be our returning guests with their Triumphs. Though now, people will also be able to ride in with a clear conscience accompanied by their Ducati-, BMW- or Japanese-loving buddies  who have also understood the spirit of the event.

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Salzburger Land, Austria

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Austria’s highest-situated pass road, the Großglockner Alpine Road, and 14 other panorama roads as well as the Alps‘ largest national park make the Salzburger Land to one of the most popular destinations for motorbike holidays.