Passes & mountain roads

Albulapass 2.315 m
Berninapass 2.330 m
Flüelapass 2.383 m
Malojapass 1.815 m
Julierpass 2.284 m
Oberalppass 2.046 m
Ofenpass 2.149 m
San Bernadino Pass 2.065 m
Splügenpass 2.113 m
Forcola di Livigno 2.315 m
Lenzerheidepass Valbella 1.549 m
Passo del Lucomagno 1.972 m
Umbrailpass 2.503 m

Motorbike holidays in Grisons Motorbike region and GPS-tours for bikers in Grisons / Switzerland


Carbon instead of condition

Grisons is the only trilingual canton in Switzerland and is also a bit of a “grey eminence” when it comes to successful motorbike tours. Sporty driving is on the agenda and some of the very ambitious even use lightweight “black gold” to optimise the total weight of machine and pilot.

Excursions for weight optimisation

With the hearty yet delicious Swiss cuisine, it is not easy for drivers to keep their weight. Walks through Chur, the oldest town in Switzerland, or Davos could help here, of course.

1 Motorbike accomodation in Grisons

Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer  Switzerland / Grisons / Zizers

€ 49,00 to € 70,00

Motorbike tours in Grisons

Gotthardroute Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

350 km / 7,054 hm

Livigno Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

287 km / 7,802 hm

Lukmanier - Grotto - Lenzerheide Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

293 km / 5,802 hm

Soglio Tour Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

240 km / 4,918 hm

St. Antönien-Partnun short Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

158 km / 3,578 hm

St. Antönien-Partnun long Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

216 km / 5,160 hm

Valle die Lei Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

224 km / 5,129 hm

Appenzell Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

180 km / 2,471 hm

Vierwaldstättertour Hotel Sportcenter Fünf Dörfer

258 km / 4,916 hm

What says the motorbike expert?

Markus Gämperli MoHo host since 2012

If there was a jab against the bike virus from Milwaukee/USA, I would refuse to have it! Although calling 3 motorbikes my own, it’s worth thinking about it. But then again, our garage is so big that there is plenty of space even for our guests’ bikes.

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