Passes & mountain roads

Stilfser Joch 2.757 m
Timmelsjoch 1.509 m
Grödnerjoch 2.121 m
Passo di Pordoi 2.239 m
Sellajoch 2.244 m
Jaufenpass 2.094 m
Mendelpass 1.363 m
Brenner 1.374 m
Gampenpass 1.512 m
Reschenpass 1.507 m
Penser Joch 2.211 m
Würzjoch 1.987 m
Karerpass 1.745 m

Motorbike holidays in South Tyrol - Dolomites Motorbike regions and GPS-tours for bikers in South Tyrol - Dolomites / Italy

Motorradtour zum Kalterer See
Touren für Biker
Urlaub in Italien
Biker on tour
Reschensee im Vinschgau
Motorradfahren in den Alpen
Motorradstrassen mit vielen Kurven
Bikeurlaub in den Dolomiten
Motorradtour zum Kalterer See
Touren für Biker
Urlaub in Italien
Biker on tour
Reschensee im Vinschgau
Motorradfahren in den Alpen
Motorradstrassen mit vielen Kurven
Bikeurlaub in den Dolomiten

Dolomite & dynamite

The glaciers of the three thousand metres high mountains at the Alps‘ main ridge, Dolomite Passes and blossoming apple orchards in the valley - these scenic contrasts combined with hospitality, mild climate and Italian cuisine turn a motorbike holiday into a very special experience.

On a secret mission

Especially the countless narrow mountain roads away from the busy standard routes offer a refreshing change - but these well-hidden, almost secret connections from one Dolomite valley to the next must be discovered first. The many MoHo hosts are happy to help you with that - a clear home advantage.

17 Motorbike accomodations in South Tyrol - Dolomites

Bio Landhotel Anna

Bio Landhotel Anna  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Schlanders

€ 41,00 to € 51,00
Hotel am Reschensee

Hotel am Reschensee  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Reschen

€ 45,00 to € 55,00
Bike & Ski Hotel Diana

Bike & Ski Hotel Diana  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Welschnofen

€ 45,00 to € 59,00
Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Truden

€ 46,00 to € 55,00
Hotel & Südtiroler Gasthaus Der Gassenwirt

Hotel & Südtiroler Gasthaus Der Gassenwirt  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Kiens

€ 51,00 to € 70,00
Hotel Obereggen

Hotel Obereggen S Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Obereggen

€ 66,00 to € 77,00
Motorrad und Wellnesshotel Traube Post

Motorrad und Wellnesshotel Traube Post  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Graun

€ 47,00 to € 57,00
Hotel Schneckenthalerhof

Hotel Schneckenthalerhof  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Tramin

€ 58,00 to € 63,00
Paradies Pure Mountain Resort

Paradies Pure Mountain Resort  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Sulden am Ortler

€ 63,00 to € 113,00
Hotel Alp Cron Moarhof

Hotel Alp Cron Moarhof S Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Olang

€ 55,00 to € 90,00
Hotel Teutschhaus

Hotel Teutschhaus S Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Kurtinig / Weinstraße (BZ)

€ 56,00 to € 63,00
Hotel Jonathan

Hotel Jonathan  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Natz - Schabs

€ 65,00 to € 85,00
Hotel Steineggerhof

Hotel Steineggerhof S Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Steinegg

€ 75,00 to € 98,00
Haus Gitschberg

Haus Gitschberg  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Vintl

€ 29,00 to € 39,00
Hotel Eden Selva

Hotel Eden Selva  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Wolkenstein (BZ)

€ 62,00 to € 158,00
Hotel Zum Hirschen

Hotel Zum Hirschen  Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / Unsere liebe Frau im Walde - St. Felix (BZ)

€ 48,00 to € 115,00
Hotel Ciasa Soleil

Hotel Ciasa Soleil S Italy / South Tyrol - Dolomites / La Villa

€ 76,00 to € 134,00

Motorbike tours in South Tyrol - Dolomites

Die Hochplateaus um Bozen Bike & Ski Hotel Diana

290 km / 7,359 hm

Die Kaiserjaegerrunde Bike & Ski Hotel Diana

223 km / 4,726 hm

An die Adria Bike & Ski Hotel Diana

108 km / 1,467 hm

Penser pass - Jaufen pass Bike & Ski Hotel Diana

219 km / 5,713 hm

Marmolada - Sella Bike & Ski Hotel Diana

183 km / 4,898 hm

Manghen Pass Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

250 km / 7,617 hm

Karer Pass-Rolle Pass-Manghen Pass Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

245 km / 7,218 hm

15 Passes Tour Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

390 km / 10,956 hm

Brenta Dolomites with Lake Garda Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

292 km / 5,759 hm

Tour Dolomite passes - Gardena - Reggl... Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

305 km / 8,318 hm

Tour Stelvio Pass Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

316 km / 7,300 hm

Passes Tour Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

322 km / 10,342 hm

Lake Garda Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

261 km / 5,090 hm

Manghen Pass - Bondone - Lake Garda Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

285 km / 6,912 hm

Tour the Würzjoch over the mountain... Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

331 km / 8,493 hm

Dolomite passes with Val Gardena Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

301 km / 8,349 hm

Maxi Tour Lake Garda Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

388 km / 7,349 hm

To the earth pyramids of Segonzano Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

243 km / 5,907 hm

Jaufen pass - Penser Pass - Lavaze Pass Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

284 km / 7,944 hm

Sette Comuni Motorrad-Hotel-Südtirol Ludwigshof

243 km / 4,522 hm

What says the motorbike expert?

Stefan & Erich Vill MoHo host since 2014

Some people say that I take anything with a saddle. This might be because we have a stable full of horses next to our BMW test drive centre. Although: both have to do with horsepower. My sons definitely prefer horsepower on two wheels.

to the host

Siegfried & Carmen Dilitz MoHo host since 2008

In our house, we share a passion and the chores. This is how we discovered our shared enthusiasm for motorcycling. Our motorbike guests therefore profit from double “advisory power“ today.

to the host

Albrecht Pichler MoHo host since 2008

We, my brother Stefan, my cousin Erwin and I, celebrate bike culture (with and without motor) in our hotel. Despite having our own fleet, we do not put high importance on the machine as such - it’s the lifestyle that we like.

to the host

Cristian Ludwig MoHo host since 2005

I am now a more leisurely biker, which suits me quite well. At least, this is what the others say… Our tour guide is always ready for anyone who prefers a racier pace on our guided tours.

to the host

Andreas Falkensteiner MoHo host since 2016

Here at the entrance to the Dolomites, biking is almost mandatory for local people. But what lies even closer to my heart is the ART of being a host. It is my purpose in life and brings pleasure not only to my motorcycling guests.

to the host

Martina Pichler MoHo host since 2005

Even though my knee injury forces me to drive the passes in the Dolomites and around Lake Garda on four wheels now, the two-wheel tradition in our hotel is still alive! The preferred means of transport of my son Andreas are trial & motocross bikes.

to the host

Karl Heinz Theiner MoHo host since 2013

Detractors may say that the bike virus has not just affected me slightly but rather completely taken its hold on me. They might even be right when you look at the moped, cruiser and adventure bike in the garage :-). But what should I do? You need the right equipment for every purpose.

to the host

Manfred Sinner MoHo host since 2015

As a passionate grease monkey and motorbike collector, I’ve collected some precious exhibits in my garage over the past few years. The sight of these vintage vehicles is often the source for wild “petrol talk” and awakens childhood memories in many of my guests.

to the host

Lukas Wallnöfer MoHo host since 2008

I spent some time in America when I was younger and a Harley was compulsory there. Yet here in my home country, 10 minutes from Stilfserjoch, the Enduro is a better option. I now dedicate my scarce leisure time to both bikes and vintage vehicles on 4 wheels.

to the host

Kevin Pörnbacher MoHo host since 2015

“Forza Italia” is my motto when it comes to motorbikes. I started with a yellow Vespa at the age of 14 and now have a Ducati Monster from which I “check that everything is in order” on the many Dolomite passes on our doorstep.

to the host

Walter Teutsch MoHo host since 2014

I inherited the passion for motorcycling from my father. I still have fond memories of my first excursions as a child, as a passenger on his Motoguzzi 500, at that time without a helmet and on roads that had barely been asphalted.

to the host

Toni Überbacher MoHo host since 2004

Although I love the mountain roads and passes in South Tyrol, my preferred biking territory is away from these paved roads. That’s why one of my biggest dreams is to drive through the Sahara on my motorbike one time. But it will take a while for this dream to come true.

to the host

Kurt Resch MoHo host since 2004

The seed of my passion was, like most Italians, a Vespa. Touched up of course! At that time, you could legally ride a moped aged 14. After continually increasing the cylinder capacity over the years, I at some point ended up with one of the first Multistradas.

to the host

Johann Micheli MoHo host since 2015

I have been a motorbike enthusiast for as long as I can remember. In my youth, I wound my way up the Mendelpass countless times with my biker friends or we drove to Lake Garda for a cappuccino. Crazy times that I never want to forget.

to the host
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