Motorbike holidays in Allgäu Motorcycle hotels and tours in Allgäu in Bavaria / Germany

The Bavarian Allgäu surprises with many areas for curvy pleasure - Germany can do more than motorway.

Motorradtour im Allgäu mit Blick auf Schloss Neuschwanstein
Motorradtour im Allgäu mit Blick auf Schloss Neuschwanstein

Allgäu in Bavaria

Anyone who claims that Bavaria is not the place for motorbike tours has never been in the Allgäu Alps. If you drive to the west and through Austria for a few kilometres, then you will be rewarded with the beautiful, curvy Oberjoch in 1.100 metres above sea level. Conquering the German Alpine Road takes a bit longer: With 450 kilometres in length and loaded with fantastic curves, this road leads through the Bavarian Alps from Lake Constance to the Berchtesgaden Land. And if that is not enough, then take a quick detour from the Allgäu to various awesome passes in Switzerland.

2 Motorbike accomodations in Allgäu

Wellnesshotel Sommer

Wellnesshotel Sommer  Germany / Bavaria / Füssen

from € 99,00 p.P.
Hotel Bergblick

Hotel Bergblick  Germany / Bavaria / Scheidegg

from € 50,00 p.P.

Attractions in the area

Motorbike tours in Allgäu

Füssen - Riedbergpaß - Oberallgäu - Füssen - Wellnesshotel Sommer
252 km / 3.517 hm
Füssen - Sylvensteinspeicher - Pfaffenwinkel - Lechbruck - Füssen - Wellnesshotel Sommer

Füssen - Sylvensteinspeicher -... Wellnesshotel Sommer

232 km / 1.901 hm
Rund um den Bodensee - Hotel Bergblick

Rund um den Bodensee Hotel Bergblick

225 km / 1.795 hm

What says the motorbike expert?

Wolfgang Sommer MoHo host since 2013

When you see me as pedal pusher in my racing cycle outfit at the hotel, then I have just enjoyed my second-favourite hobby. Because number 1 is of course my motorised bike. After all, the beautiful curves and tours around Füssen are still best enjoyed on a motorbike.

to the host

Sepp Tronsberg MoHo host since 2014

The joy of sharing my personal interest in motorbikes with our guests was motivation enough to accomplish the MoHo tour guide training. Thus, there is nothing in the way of joint tours here in the Allgäu and tri-border region.

to the host
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