Keep riding calmly & considerately!

Gemeinsam für mehr Fahrspaß
Gemeinsam für mehr Fahrspaß

Together for more fun with less noise

For us, it's the most beautiful thing in the world. We are passionate about motorcycling; the sound of our bikes is music to our ears. But we know that not all residents along our favorite routes share our enthusiasm. And because good coexistence is essential, we are committed to reducing noise pollution along our favorite routes.

Bikers Welcome! With style & respect through the Alps
So that we continue to be welcomed with open arms in the most beautiful Alpine regions and picturesque villages, we ask you for a bit more consideration - especially in residential areas. This way, we not only prevent the increasingly demanded road closures but also preserve the warm welcome we motorcyclists love so much. So that bikers continue to be warmly welcomed!

Help protect our hobby. It's in our own hands.
Yes, we love the roar of our machines, but we also love the freedom that the road through the fantastic Alpine valleys offers us. So let's stand together for this freedom by spicing up our hobby with a dash of consideration.

Keep riding calmly and enjoy the freedom on silent wheels
...because life can also be damn fun with consideration!

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