Motorbike tour tips from 3 countries

If we are taking a philosophical look at the motorbike regions in Austria, Germany, and Italy, we would actually have to thank the continental drift which formed the beautiful mountains and our Alps around 50 million years ago, creating the basis for beautiful passes, high alpine and panorama roads. So, we should be happy, grateful and do exactly what one should do with such a divine present - simply making the most of it and having fun on more than 300 beautiful motorbike tours.

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Just to point out a few of the respective highlights; there is the fascinating Umbrail Pass in Switzerland turning into the just as impressive Stelvio Pass in Italy, the Grossglockner High Alpine Road in Austria or the Allgäu Alps in Germany. Sure, there are motorbikes and beautiful motorbike routes in many other countries too, but it is only here in our regions where you can wholeheartedly and almost excessively speed across passes, saunter across panorama roads or drive through a paradise of bends until you are dizzy. Plus, you enjoy the culture and sights of the respective country before, in between and after a tour.

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