Motorbike tours in Germany

As much as Middle and Northern Germany is characterised by straight, fast roads, as beautiful are curvy experiences by motorbike in the south of the Federal Republic. Plus, the Bavarian Allgäu is not far from the alpine highlights in Austria and Switzerland. Thus, this region is perfect for tours to the Silvretta High Alpine Road, to Ischgl in Tyrol or through the Lechtal Valley to the Hochtannberg Pass in Vorarlberg right up to the Faschina Pass. But Germany itself offers excursion destinations worth seeing. There is for example the King’s Tour leading via Wertach, Germany’s highest-situated market town, to the famous Neuschwanstein Castle and to Isny, a spa with healthy climate in the Würtemberg Allgäu. If you want to see more of Germany, then take the Swabia Tour. This tour is 300 kilometres long and awaits with the curvy Deggenhausertal Valley as well as beautiful avenues, curves and passes through Pfullendorf, Meßkirch, Bad Saulgau and Wolfegg.

We've found 12 motorcycle tours for you.

Füssen - Kniepaß - Namlos - Hahntennjoch - Gaichtpaß - Eisenberg - Füssen - Wellnesshotel Sommer
190 km / 3.444 hm
Füssen - Riedbergpaß - Oberallgäu - Füssen - Wellnesshotel Sommer

Füssen - Riedbergpaß - Oberallgäu -... Wellnesshotel Sommer S

252 km / 3.517 hm
Füssen - Timmelsjoch - Jaufenpass - Gap - Linderhof - Füssen - Wellnesshotel Sommer

Füssen - Timmelsjoch - Jaufenpass - Gap... Wellnesshotel Sommer S

385 km / 7.309 hm
Füssen - Sylvensteinspeicher - Pfaffenwinkel - Lechbruck - Füssen - Wellnesshotel Sommer

Füssen - Sylvensteinspeicher -... Wellnesshotel Sommer S

232 km / 1.901 hm
Füssen - Lechtal - Arlberg - Hahntennjoch - Pfronten - Füssen - Wellnesshotel Sommer

Füssen - Lechtal - Arlberg -... Wellnesshotel Sommer S

238 km / 3.524 hm
Rund um den Bodensee - Hotel Bergblick

Rund um den Bodensee Hotel Bergblick

225 km / 1.795 hm
Durch`s Schwobeländle - Hotel Bergblick

Durch`s Schwobeländle Hotel Bergblick

302 km / 2.869 hm
Lechtal-Vorarlberg - Hotel Bergblick

Lechtal-Vorarlberg Hotel Bergblick

307 km / 5.474 hm
Königstour - Hotel Bergblick

Königstour Hotel Bergblick

213 km / 2.283 hm
Galtürrunde - Hotel Bergblick

Galtürrunde Hotel Bergblick

338 km / 6.083 hm
Three-country tour over Lipno Reservoir - Landhotel Neuhof
284 km / 4.160 hm
Visit Krumlov (Krumlov) a magnificent old town - Landhotel Neuhof
280 km / 3.905 hm
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